My Day Today

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My Day Today

Post by Pink Elephant on Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:49 am

I'm Feeling good, while raging on stuff.

My school day was fine, a normal school day. But wait, LOTSA HOT LUNCH SPAGHETTI PIZZA!
And good news, I have no homework at all for the weekend! And also, school is closed on Monday so I get an extra day of no school to add to the weekend! Huzzah!
While hooraying that I had no homework, I remembered the [Censored]load of Japanese homework I got. [Censored]! :evil:
I went over to my friends house to FIRE MAH LAZOR! BLARG!!! show him a pwnsome game I got. And... we played.

Then I came home and booted up my computer, did all the normal logging into AIM and checking email, when I came to this forum, I found OVER NINE THOUSAND new posts since my last visit. So I checked most of them, said "[Censored] this!", and only checked the new posts that I thought would get pretty ticky (Yes, I didn't check the Guitar Hero threads. Razz).
I was finally DONE, when I found OVER NINE THOUSAND more new posts! Gawd, now I was angry.

I did some moderating, got tricked into taking a test to see if [Censored], posted lotsa spaghetti, and yeah.

Today is officially the 15th anniversary of my parents' marriage. Happy Anniversary to them! We had sushi, and some mango cake (Which was no lie).

And now I am posting this.
What, a 10 characters limit for the title? I'MA FIRIN' MAL LAZOR! BLAARG!

Ohai, if this site ever comes alive again, PM me.

Pink Elephant
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